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The Tamil word “Thenkoodu” translates to Honeycomb, which is an extraordinary example of planning and executional excellence. A honeycomb, scientifically is a hexagonal filed structure built by a column of bees that uses the minimum material to create a lattice of cells in the least possible perimeter – nature’s own master class on cooperation and efficiency.

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Corporate Governance and Ethics

As a Company we have always worked on the side of ethics and have shunned expediency in any form. We believe that if something is important enough to be done, it is important that we do it ethically. We supplement our traditionally held values of ethical behavior and moral conduct with explicit rules and regulations that guide our efforts in financial, propriety, customer care and business excellence.

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Innovation of Thenkoodu

At ‘Thenkoodu’ , the highest spiritual force of nature is our Queen bee, thus guiding us – the humble worker bees to achieve the vision set forth by our organisation. Our’s is a socio economic forum comprising of like-minded people from different walks of life viz Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trading and Services.

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Our Vision & Mission

To create a conglomerate company that incorporates various companies, Industries, Institutions, Organisations, Retail Shops and Individuals..
To couple all the globally marketable into this company, henceforth revolutionising the Indian economy with an innovative business minded technique.
Then Koodu